Thursday, April 5, 2018

Food For Thought

We have been learning about Healthy foods as part of the Food For Thought programme. This was delivered to us by Mikaela who worked for the Heart Foundation. On day one we had to sort out foods that would eat everyday, and ones that we would only eat occasionally. Chocolate was an occasional food and fruit was everyday. We looked at cereal boxes and learned how to read labels to see what types of nutrients were in our foods. The next day Mikaela took us to Pak n Save at the hub. We got into groups with wonderful parent helpers and looked at breads and cereals, snack foods, muesli bars, and produce. We checked our foods in each category and looked at whether they were everyday or occasional foods. We even got a $60 grocery voucher for Ngakaunui and a lunchbox each. It was pretty cool to go to the supermarket on a school day!

Mikaela having a chat with one group
Jonte and Zantae working hard

Super lucky with our new lunchboxes

Friday, March 16, 2018

Our Writing

We read the story Sunday Chutney and talked a bit about adjectives. We then wrote about ourselves in the way Sunday did! Check these out on our shared slide, Miss Johnstone is also going to turn these into a book for us to share in class. Watch this space...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Christchurch United Football

A few of the teams with their coaches- Denise, Lou, and Fernando.

On Monday this week we have Fernando from Christchurch United Football come and take us for some football drills. Students from year 3 up could opt into this. It was fantastic to see how much the kids enjoyed this, and Fernando has said he is keen to come back and do more with them. Here are some pics of the fun day we had:

Nalanee in goal.

The teams having an end of game briefing.

Life Skills Term 1

This term we are welcoming back Nigel from ProActive Life Skills to come in and teach us about focus and breathing techniques to help us learn.
So far we have had 3 sessions with him and are absolutely loving it. We have learned different martial arts stances and have been practising our lock and loads.

Check this out:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kiwi Can 2018

Back into another term of Kiwi Can with our new Kiwi Can leaders Owen and Katie. Our module for this term is respect which we have been talking a lot about. It fits in well with our class treaty and all of the things that are important to us. In Kiwi Can we completed an activity about what respect looked like, sounds like and feels like. There were some great ideas thrown around and we are looking forward to seeing them implemented in Te Ara Takitini this year. Bring on the respect and the Kiwi Can points!

Our Summer Memories

We have spent the last week or so working on displaying our summer memories. We used a phone template to do this, having our highlights on the front and then filled in some boxes with details inside our phones. We were working hard on presenting these and we took our time in making them look great. They were a big project but we are pretty happy with how they turned out.
Take a look.

The Treaty of Te Ropu Ngakaunui

In class we have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi. We have had many discussions, watched videos and done our own research on what was involved on this important day way back in 1840.

The work we have been doing on the Treaty of Waitangi
We read the Tree hut treaty and then decided to make our own. In small groups, we brainstormed different ideas about expectations from all different people, such as, ourselves, our parents, our teachers, Mr Wilkinson, and even our cleaners. Miss Johnstone put the some of these ideas together to form our class Treaty. Nalanee and Nazif stained it with tea and coffee because we wanted it to resemble an old document like the Treaty of Waitangi. Miss Johnstone then (carefully) burnt the edges, and her fingers, to give it an old look. We think it looks great and it takes pride of place on our wall! We also created class portraits to put around it and act as our signatures. There were hundreds of people who signed the Treaty of Waitangi.. so we didn't have quite as many!

Look at how fantastic it looks up on the wall...

Te Tiriti o Te Ropu Ngakaunui